The Lighthouse: A Beacon of Hope
What We Do
Faith based sober living for men

THE LIGHTHOUSE is a non-profit residential program for men, at least 18 years old dealing with substance abuse problems who are seeking support and structure to be able to manage their problems in a program of recovery and live a life without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Our facility offers sober living. Our purpose is to provide a safe and secure environment for male individuals who need and want to maintain their sobriety and who need and/or want a structured residence in order to do so. To help support the participants learn to live a sober lifestyle we offer customized structured programs, we encourage peer mentoring where participants who achieved the higher levels of the program mentor the newer participants entering into the program, in house classes, life skills, education assistance, assistance with employment and daily life.

Upon entering the house, residents immediately become a part of the program. With the combined help of staff each resident has an individual program to fit their needs whether they are self-referred to the house or placed by the court system, probation or parole. The Lighthouse some times serves as an alternative to jail or a halfway house for those who are willing to work a program and participate in sober recovery. An initial intake with each new resident provides staff with a background of who he is, what his substance abuse history includes, any legal problems he faces and an idea of his needs and what we can provide. Residents also sign an agreement to follow all house rules and complete individual chores. This household structure helps residents manage their time and energy and organize their day as efficiently as possible and help to maintain a program of healthy recovery.

The day-to-day functioning of the house helps the resident to begin to transition into a healthy, functioning lifestyle. Within the house, we provide such amenities as: food, family room, game room (pool, darts, etc.), laundry facility and daily assistance with life's ups and downs. We also provide information for services in and around the city of Fort Collins including self-help meeting lists and a continually updated resource guide of services the city and surrounding areas provide in respect to schooling, employment, mental health, medical help, transportation, community service, etc.

Throughout the week, residents are required to fill their time with meetings, job searches and attend all house groups or meetings. Each resident should feel safe and welcome and feel they have someone to turn to for guidance in times of need. We also encourage residents to create a peer-driven house and lend support and guidance to EACH OTHER. Many of our residents have been in similar situations to one another and may have suggestions for one another and be able to provide assistance to newcomers who are just beginning their road to a healthy, stable and sober life. By sharing stories of recovery and stability, residents assist each other and encourage each other to strive for the best, even in hard times.

Our program of recovery begins with each resident being responsible and held accountable for themselves with respect to employment, cleanliness, house obligations, etc. Therefore that means that living at the Lighthouse is not free. Participants are responsible for an average monthly cost of $550 which covers all of their daily living needs including: food (in the form of an open kitchen), utility costs, laundry room, living room and dining room with cable TV, game room and in-house programs and classes. This expense allows each resident access to all of the amenities and also eliminates the stress of individual bills. Understanding and compassion are traits we value very deeply and encourage among each person here. The Lighthouse is a non-profit but at this time we are not subsidized so in order to better assist our participants provide for their daily needs and offer a healthy program we must have funding for the house and a monthly "program fee" is mainly how we are able to do so.