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Accountability The day-to-day functioning of the house helps the resident to begin to transition into a healthy, functioning lifestyle. Within the house, we provide such amenities as: food, family room, game room (pool, darts, etc.), laundry facility and daily assistance with life's ups and downs. We also provide information for services in and around the city of Fort Collins including self-help meeting lists and a continually updated resource guide of services the city and surrounding areas provide in respect to schooling, employment, mental health, medical help, transportation, community service, etc.. Throughout the week, residents are required to fill their time with meetings, job searches and attend all house groups or meetings. Each resident should feel safe and welcome and feel they have someone to turn to for guidance in times of need. We also encourage residents to create a peer-driven house and lend support and guidance to EACH OTHER. Many of our residents have been in similar situations to one another and may have suggestions for one another and be able to provide assistance to newcomers who are just beginning their road to a healthy, stable and sober life. By sharing stories of recovery and stability, residents assist each other and encourage each other to strive for the best, even in hard times
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