Admission Process: Admission into the program at The Lighthouse is not guaranteed. Our admission process consists of submitting a completed application including names and phone numbers of one or two references, an on-site interview, and reference check. This process could take several business days. If possible, applicants are encouraged to begin the admission process early enough to not have to rush the process.    During the admission process the Lighthouse screens applicants to determine whether or not an applicant is a match for the program in several areas: 1. Safety – Safety of all of our Participants is of utmost priority. 2. Stability – Some Applicants may not be stable enough in their sobriety for the amount of        freedom that the Lighthouse offers, and therefore would be better suited to a 24/7        supervised in patient intensive treatment program. 3. Independence – The Lighthouse is not an assisted living, medical, or mental health facility,        and does not have adequate staffing to provide assisted living, medical, or mental health        care on site. Applicants who are in need of this type of care should look to local medical        facilities for proper care. 4. Motivation – Applicants are screened for motivation to invest in their own sobriety Disqualifications: Unfortunately, the Lighthouse is currently unable to accept registered sex offenders and parolees of counties outside of Larimer County.
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