Welcome to the Lighthouse The LIGHTHOUSE is so much more than a "house" where men live and stay sober. We are a faith-based, residential sober living program. Our program gives men in recovery structure and accountability while they develop a sober lifestyle and support system. The Lighthouse offers structure such as a curfew, daily chores, weekly 12 Step Meeting Requirements, and accountability such as daily breathalyzer testing for alcohol use and random urine tests to screen for alcohol and drug use. Participants of the Lighthouse Sober Living Program live virtually normal lives. Our staff has endeavored to make the Lighthouse feel like a home, not an institution. Unlike intensive treatment, the Lighthouse requires that our Participants find and maintain a full time job in order to support themselves while they participate in the program. The Participants in our program are not in groups and classes all day long, and there is not 24/7 supervision on the premises. Instead, our Participants attend 12 Steps meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or Celebrate Recovery outside of their work hours in the evenings and weekends. This gives our men the opportunity to apply the principles they are learning in their 12 step meetings and step work to their daily lives. The Lighthouse can be considered transitional in nature. What that means is that our sober living program is typically a great transitional step for people who are completing some type of fully structured program that offers 24/7 supervision with a planned daily routine such as intensive residential treatment or rehab, jail, or a halfway house environment. Our transitional program is a perfect "step down" from a high level of supervision, but before entering complete freedom of independent living. While intensive treatment or rehab offers much needed tools and one-on-one counseling for men who have reached a crisis level in their addiction, many people find that since they are removed from their daily routine and familiar surroundings during this time, that they struggle to incorporate these tools into their daily lives once they return home. As a result they end up repeating the same cycle of addiction all over again once they return home to their old friends and old routine if they do not seek out sober living or a transitional program of some sort. These transitional programs give them the opportunity to begin applying the tools they´ve learned in treatment at home, but offer some accountability along the way until they´ve achieved full stability in their sobriety.
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