Our Program: The Lighthouse is a Sober Living Program, not just an apartment or motel where residents stay sober. Participants are expected to invest in their own sobriety by participating in our Phase Program. While our staff does everything we can to support our Participants as they work through the 7 Phases, we do not hand-hold them or force them to put in the work. They must want it for themselves, and, each man must take ownership and responsibility for his own program. The nature of our Program is that Participants start out with structure and accountability which they gradually phase out of. Our 7 Phase Program is outlined below: Purpose: The purpose of the Phase System at the Lighthouse is to offer an opportunity and positive incentives for each Participant to develop a solid recovery program that he can maintain even after he moves on from the Lighthouse. As the Participant moves up in the Phases, he is able to earn more freedom so that he can test his readiness for full independence before moving on. General Information: The Lighthouse Program consists of Phases 0-4, which take a minimum of 6 months to complete. Upon completing Phase 4, a Participant has successfully completed the program. However, a Participant may opt to continue on as a Graduate of the Lighthouse Program to complete all or part of Phases 5-7. There is no maximum stay at the Lighthouse. How does a participant move between the Phases? Participants who have fulfilled all of the requirements of their current Phase and have not had any write-ups in the last 30 days are eligible to complete an application to advance to the next Phase. Additionally, Participants can be regressed back one or more phases as a result of write-ups or rule infractions, depending on the severity of the infraction.
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