Our Vision We worked very hard for over a year to develop a program to help people in recovery. This program was developed with the help of many professionals from several different agencies with diverse backgrounds from addiction to judicial to mental health, etc.. This program has been instrumental in helping the guys at the Lighthouse develop a longterm program that fits their needs and situation to maintain a longterm and even permanent life of sobriety. Our goal was to create a program that would serve a wide variety of people, backgrounds and addictions, a program that could be easily replicated in other environments and we think we have accomplished that because to date even with a very small staff we have a had a success rate well above the national average. Our Goals Secure a permanent building. Currently we rent a 25 room house that serves our needs but we need a place that we own. Open a house for women, currently there are no sober living houses in Larimer County for women. Our current model is not gender specific and should work just as well in an all female environment. Ideally this house would be large enough for at least 10 women with possible room for expansion. Open a graduate house for men. This house would need to be a 3-5 bedroom house for men who graduated from the program could then transition to a living situation where there were was no structure provided and less accountability. Open a graduate house for women. Just like the mens house but for women. Open a Crisis house for participants in our other houses that suffer a minor relapse and need a safe place with a higher level of accountability to recover before they can be allowed to re-enter the program. This house would probably need to be able to support about 10 beds. Ultimately replicate this process in other cities
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